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Health Law Central is a project that was funded via an AMP Tomorrow Fund Grant. It was built and is maintained by Professor Sonia Allan, who is an expert in health law. An exciting project that provides a gateway to information, as well as a link to further services, Health Law Central has been a well received resource in both Australia and abroad. Read more about us here.

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Assisted Reproduction

In the section on assisted reproduction find out about:

Note Donor conception and Surrogacy are also discussed on Health Law Central.

Also find information on A.R.T. risks; and more!

Donor Conception

In the section on donor conception information is given regarding the complexities of using a donor, and the right of donor conceived people to access information. Details of laws in Australia, and across the globe, that recognise such a right are discussed.

This section also includes information on family limits for gamete/embryo donation, and on donating gametes and embryos.

End of Life Decision Making

In the section on end of life decision making you will find information on end of life decision making:

The section is linked to information in the Health Care Decisions section regarding consent. There are also links to useful and comprehensive resources and websites beyond Health Law Central.

Health Care Decisions

Here you will find an overview of relevant legal considerations and pages on:

The section is also linked to information found in other sections of the Health Law Central site, including the law of negligence, and end of life decision making.

Health Care Information

In the section on health care information there is an introduction to what health information is, as well as to confidentiality, privacy and access to health information.

You will then find pages further explaining legal principles of:

Links to comprehensive legislation and information resources are provided.

Medical Negligence

The section on medical negligence provides an overview of the elements of the cause of action that must be proven in a claim for compensation.

There are also more detailed pages on:

Pregnancy and Birth

The Pregnancy and Birth Section contains information on laws and regulation regarding:

Throughout you will find links to other resources, laws and more!


The surrogacy section provides an introduction to some key terms and definition, it also discusses ethical and legal issues raised by surrogacy. Details may also be found regarding laws and regulation regarding surrogacy in:

Throughout you will find links to other resources, laws and more!

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