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The Health Law Central website was built by Dr. Sonia Allan to provide a place to access information concerning health law related matters. It provides an overview of relevant law and is a gateway to finding more help if needed.

Dr. Allan  also offers her services for individual projects and ongoing consultancy work.

We can help you with your information, education, research and policy needs.

We are experienced in working with individuals, private businesses, government, and non-government organisations.

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Our work spans regulation, policy and governance of health and biotechnology, health research and practice, public health, individual health, patient-practitioner relationships, and more. Click on the tabs below for information regarding the consulting services we provide.
Teaching and learning
We provide research and review services for government, non-government organisations, lawyers, individuals, health practitioners, and/or businesses.

Projects may include:
* independent review of an area of health related law, policy and/or practice;
* thorough legal research on a particular health law topic;
* provision of information to help clients understand the law;
* preparation of research reports;
* consultation on legal and policy matters to gauge stakeholder and community views.

We present the research or review findings to our clients in an agreed upon format – be that a consultation document; report; summary document; or other requested document or presentation format.

Contact us regarding your research needs.

We can assist individuals and organisations prepare submissions that respond to a particular issue, or proposed policy or law. We will help you express an opinion or point of view, provide feedback, and/or make recommendations. Our draft submissions are formatted in a professional way to ensure clarity and precision and to get your message across.

We will work with you to
* clarify the purpose of the submission;
* understand the issue and determine what information is required;
* consider what experience and/or information you/your organisation has available (for example, personal/practice experience; survey data; research; etc);
* evaluate what areas of your submission will require additional research or data and undertake this research;
* draft appropriate responses that clarify your position and substantiate your point of view.

Contact us to discuss your submission.

We help small and large organisations develop written policies on matters relevant to health. We can also refine your existing health policy documents in consultation with members of your organisation, external stakeholders, and/or your legal or management team.

Examples of workplace policies include (but are not limited to) occupational health and safety; child protection; dangerous products; emergencies; first aid; food safety; health related exclusion; hygiene and infection control; illness; immunisation; medications; occupational health and safety; patient-health practitioner interactions; public health; privacy and confidentiality; research ethics; and/or smoke free environments.

Once a draft policy document is completed by us, your organisation will be able to move to its final approval procedures and communication strategies.

Contact us to inform us of your health policy needs.

We educate and assist people to understand health law, regulations and policies.

We provide information and educational services on health law related topics to individuals, allied health professionals, doctors, medical centers, hospitals, government & non-government organisations, civil society, and businesses.

We prepare Fact Sheets or other documents to help inform people about health laws, regulations, ethics, and policies. We are also available to present short seminars (usually 1-2 hours), or longer workshops (from half to one day) on health ethics, law and policy matters relevant to you. We present to small or large groups, and have much experience in educating people of all ages and backgrounds.
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Why Choose Us

Dr. Sonia Allan can provide specialist information, education, research and policy services related to health. She has expertise in a wide variety of health law related matters and has senior level academic and research experience. She provides services on a consultancy basis, being able to meet your targeted needs; saving you time and costs. Health Law Central is created by her to provide a resource that did not exist elsewhere.

What Client’s Say

This looks amazing! Thank you VERY much for your thoroughness and persistence. You’ve literally written the book on the topic.
Centre for Genetics and Society, California Berkeley
I am very exited to communicate with you and very much appreciate your efforts!
M.Kim, Chonham National University (South Korea)
Your work was amazing, you have such capacity and capability, what you have produced far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!