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Health Law Central is an accessible internet resource about health law matters of relevance to everyday people, at all stages of life. It provides  overviews of the law, information and links to resources, as well as updates on what is happening in the field, commentary and more.

Health Law Central has been made possible by an AMP Tomorrow Fund grant, awarded to Dr Sonia Allan in November 2014.


Sonia Allan PhD

Sonia Allan, BA(Psych)(Hons), LLB(Hons),
LLM(Global Health Law)(Dist), MPH(Merit),
Sydney University, Melbourne University, Georgetown University

Sonia Allan holds degrees in law, psychology, public health and global health law. She was a Melbourne Research Scholarship recipient; a 2011 Churchill Fellow; a 2011/12 Global Health Law Fellow, Georgetown University; and a 2014 AMP Foundation ‘Tomorrow Maker’. She also won the 2012 CALI Award for Health and Human Rights Law at Georgetown University Law Center. Sonia is active in community outreach and has been influential in law reform.

Read Sonia’s Curriculum Vitae.

Expertise: Sonia has particular expertise in examining ethical, legal, human rights and regulatory issues related to health and emerging technologies; assisted reproduction; surrogacy; health research; and global and public health. She is available for professional research projects and consultations; health law review; talks; policy development; advocacy; and educational projects.

Community Engagement

Providing information to the community about important health law matters is what Health Law Central is about. Such community engagement is enhanced by academics, practitioners, and scholars of health law who are willing to share their health law expertise, notify us of important changes, events, and issues in the field; or contribute occasional commentary or pieces to our blogs. Such people may also keep us informed of their research and practice, and may be available for broader collaborative and consultative projects. They are a vital part of the ‘Health Law Central’ idea.

Health Law Expert Profile


Meredith Blake,
BA, LLB(Hons), LLM,
MA(Medical Ethics)(Lond)
Associate Professor Law.

Meredith Blake has published nationally and internationally in health law. She has particular interest in health ethics, criminal law, and law and ethics regarding end of life decision making. Meredith has taught and coordinated undergraduate and postgraduate programs on criminal law, health law, human rights law, and legal ethics, at such prestigious universities as Kings College London, City University London, Notre Dame University Australia, and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia. She has ongoing collaborative projects, and provides consultation and community services in relation to end of life decision making and health law ethics.
Expertise: end of life decision making; health law ethics; criminal law.

Other Works

Australian Health Law (Cover)

Australian Health Law combines detailed discussion and critical analysis of Australian health law as it relates to individual and public health matters. It offers a cohesive, in-depth examination of health law at local, state and national levels, while also reflecting upon broader global considerations. The comprehensive coverage includes discussion of the underpinning influences and principles relevant to health law, the law regulating Australia’s health care system, health care practitioner regulation, key legal principles relevant to the patient-practitioner relationship, and health law in the context of the beginning of life, throughout the life course, and ending of life. Meticulously researched, this book is an invaluable resource for scholars, students and practitioners on Australian health law.
Donor Conception and the Search for Infor
Donor Conception and the Search for Information examines donor conception and the search for information by donor-conceived people. It details differing regulatory approaches across the globe and identifies models regarding the recording and release of information. Arguments for and against donor anonymity are considered, and specifically critiqued.
The Patient and the Practitioner: Health Law and Ethics in Australia
Sonia Allan and Meredith Blake are co-authors of The Patient and the Practitioner: Health Law and Ethics in Australia – ‘an invaluable resource for a wide audience including both legal and health practitioners, academics, and undergraduate and postgraduate students.’


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